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Play an integral role in the discussion on Reproduction and Women’s Health: Exploring Ethics, Efficiency, and Safety

The Workshop “Contraception today” aims to inspire communities to acknowledge and rethink, from an ethical standpoint, how contraception can serve as a means to support couples in reproductive choices, particularly women.

From 6 to 8 March 2024 the most renowned experts in the field of Reproductive Medicine and Women’s Health will meet in Rome to discuss Ethical and religious issues related to reproduction control and Women’s health as well as to Natural methods of contraception and Hormonal Contraception, its benefits, efficacy and safety.

In 2022 the Earth population surpassed 8 billion people. This was a fact that many interpreted as a moment to stop, reflect and act in order to guarantee people the opportunity to live longer and enjoy healthier life.

In this scenario, we felt the urge to talk about essential themes as reproduction control, family planning and Women’s Health and to draw them to global attention. 

Contraception refers to methods and devices used to prevent or reduce the likelihood of pregnancy. The use of contraception can vary widely across different regions and populations, and it is influenced by various factors including cultural, social, economic, and educational factors.

We strongly invite you to participate in this crucial dialogue, intended to serve as a pivotal moment in our field. This event aims to establish guidelines on optimizing patient care, taking into account the unique context and individual personal needs. Your involvement is instrumental in shaping the future of healthcare, providing healthcare professionals with the latest knowledge and tools to effectively address patients’ requests.


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We are honoured to extend an exclusive opportunity for you to participate in the official Papal General Audience held on Wednesday 6 March 2024.
The audience with the Pope is a truly intense experience that draws pilgrims and visitors from around the world. The Papal Audience is not a Mass. Usually, it begins with a short reading from Sacred Scripture followed by a homily cantered on the reading.

After that, a brief summary of the readings is given also in different languages including English, French, German, Spanish, Polish, Portuguese, and sometimes other languages depending on visiting groups.
Pope Francis has explicitly expressed that everyone is warmly invited to attend the audiences.

Regardless of one’s religious beliefs, this special occasion has always been a unique chance to not just see the Pope, but also to truly engage with his wisdom, listen in the unique Vatican scenario to hymns and prayers and personally receive the Papal Blessing from the successor of the Apostle Peter.

The Audience then concludes with the Holy Father praying together with those attending the Audience and giving his Apostolic Blessing to all.
Following the Audience, some might also have the opportunity to greet the Holy Father personally.

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Tickets for Papal Audience are free, but limited.
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  • Registration to the Workshop is required.
  • Each person is allowed to reserve up to 2 tickets for the Papal Audience.
  • Fill in the booking-form available online in your account page.

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What's in the neighborhoods

The workshop takes place in the conveniently located Monti district, known for its historic charm with narrow alleys, significant churches, trendy restaurants, and independent shops.

Situated centrally, Monti is just a short walk from the Colosseum and Piazza Venezia. Almost any destination is reachable on foot from here. If you opt for the subway, the Cavour stops is in close proximity.

The Colosseum and the Imperial Forums  5 minutes

The Colosseum is the iconic Roman amphitheater that hosted gladiator contests and public spectacles. Adjacent to it, the Imperial Fora are a series of monumental public squares surrounded by ruins of ancient government buildings.

These archaeological marvels, including the Forum Romanum with remnants of temples and basilicas, and the Trajan’s Forum adorned with a grand column, are must-see attractions for any tourist

Piazza Venezia and The Vittoriano   15 minutes

Piazza Venezia is adorned by the monumental Altare della Patria, the Vittoriano. The building provides the dramatic setting for the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Also inside is the Complesso del Vittoriano, a gallery that regularly hosts major art exhibitions.

The square serves as the starting point for Via del Corso, a shopping haven with an array of shops and boutiques, making it a must-visit for fashion enthusiasts.

Santa Maria Maggiore  10 minutes

Santa Maria Maggiore stands as a testament to Rome’s spiritual heritage. Surrounded by charming cobblestone streets, the basilica invites both worshippers and admirers alike.

Trevi Fountain   18 minutes

In the heart od the Trevi district is a masterpiece of Italian Baroque Art. The legend holds that a coin thrown into the fountain will ensure a return to Rome.

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